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I wonder if someone could help me locate a particular MahJongg game...

Hello, All,

I wonder if someone could help me locate a particular MahJongg game. (I am cross-posting this to the other LiveJournal MahJongg community.)

I d/l'd a MahJongg game when I was on a file-sharing program a couple of years ago. It was great: it had about 10 tilesets, w/ nice accompanying music-- the tilesets included themes like pirates, cowboys/The West, fish, the beach (w/ a nice seagull & waves soundtrack in the background), African animals, a medieval theme, shells (I think), one of sort of wizardry/fantasy, & probably a couple others I can't remember right now. The problem is that my hard drive on that computer got overheated & fried, & I don't remember the name of this game. I've googled 'mahjongg' + some keywords for some of the different themes, but couldn't find this version of mahjongg. I've tried searching for it on file sharing programs but didn't find it again. It's the best mahjongg game I've ran across & I'd pay for it if I could find it again. Does anyone know what the exact title and/or the manufacturer of this particular mahjongg game is? Please E-mail me directly at: Thx!
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