Lady Isa (ladyisabella) wrote in mah_jongg,
Lady Isa


My husband and I purchased a very nice Mahjongg set with the understanding that our friend from Hong Kong would teach us to play.

Well...that hasn't happened and we recently found out that our friends quietly returned to Hong Kong since he wasn't here legally. So...we have a nice game set that we don't know how to use. Does anyone have a good rules site they could recommend? We'd like to play one of the gambling versions, such as the one seen in the Drunken Master movies.

If my question is out of line, I apologize. I did check all the previous posts before posting myself.
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I'm not sure about the betting thing, but maybe try here: ?
I don't know if you've actually received lessons/instructions elsewhere yet or not but if you are still looking rules I would recommend looking at Board Game Geek, more specifically the Mah Jongg page there.
If you want a simple explanation and have something faster than dial-up for an internet connection I recommend the Board Games with Scott Mah Jongg episode. (It is almost 30MB in size though.)
Thank you! I'll check them out.