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Thirteen pounds of Mah Jongg

Yay, happy Pirate. I got turned on to Mah Jongg when I was in the process of not completing my M.P.H.* at the University of Michigan. I dunno, I just got hooked on the game. As a kid, I remember a little table in one of the back bedroom filled with little Filipino women and the clattering of tiles at parties in my Aunt Carmen's apartment, but I didn't learn to play till much later.

I've been wanting to get a new set because, over the years, the MJ set has played a lot of hands all over the country, and is now missing a couple of pieces. We've got substitutes, but it's not the same.

Down in Oakland Chinatown, I came across a set that was MUCH larger and heavier that then set lexica510 and I are used to. I've seen them described as Vietnamese style, and that would make sense as there's a loarge Viet population in our area.

I just LOVE the heft of these new tiles. And the advantage is that they're thicker as well so they stand up without falling down. That way you don't need a tile rack for each player. Which is just as well because the new set ways about THIRTEEN POUNDS! Don't need ANY extra weight.

Here are a couple of size comparisons. First, the Dragons. L->R: Green (Fa), White (Pai), Red (Chung).

And the Winds: East, South, West, North.

You may notice that the larger tiles don't have any letters on them. Neither do the "Suit tiles" (Bamboo, coins, and characters), each which has tiles numbered one to nine. We played with a tile recognition cheat sheet (still do from time to time) so we for the most part can recognize the tiles without it.

We used to play on a set that had the Roman lettering, but a friend who wanted to learn had gotten a hold of a set without them. So we printed up the cheat sheets so we could use his set and just got used to it.

Now we scoff mildly at sets that have the Roman lettering on them. Feels kinda like training wheels to us. ;)

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*M.P.H. = Master of Public Health
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