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I'm just getting started

Hello, everyone. I'm Chel. :)

Well, I've just recently started to have a real interest in mah jongg (real and computer, though I haven't played the computer version in a while); I've always been kind of interested in it, though.

Anyway, I'm very excited because I just found a friend who knows how to play a bunch of different Chinese versions of the game, and he's going to teach me!

I'm glad I found this community, too... I think it's the only one on lj just from mah jongg! It was a little hard to find though, because you only use the variants with two g's as interests... I've read this is the correct way, but just so you know, about 203 users come up with 'mah jong' as an interest... So, if you wanted more members, maybe you should add that as an interest. But, it's obviously up to you... Since this is your community. :)

Well, later!

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